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Extraordinary Cookware

Since 1979, Woll Germany have been producing professional quality cast pans, manufactured using the highest quality craftsmanship.
All products are individually cast by hand with a high-quality, refined aluminium alloy – unstressed and free of any trapped air pockets that lower product quality. The whole coating process takes place in WOLL’s own manufacturing plant – Europe’s most up to date plant of its type, using state-of-the-art, environmentally friendly technology emitting only very low levels of CO2.
The entire manufacturing process and the coatings of all WOLL pan ranges are completely free of PFOA

Squeeze cast technology for lightweight handling:
Both Diamond Lite and Saphir Lite pans are “Squeeze Cast”. All existing “light weight” aluminium cookware is either pressure cast (die cast) or pressed from aluminium sheet. Both the above methods produce inferior cookware when compared with traditional gravity cast cookware, as they cannot guarantee even heat distribution. The method used by Woll to produce the lighter body is that once the pan has been gravity cast in the normal way, the molten aluminium in the mould is uniformly squeezed to thin out the profile. This “squeeze cast” process affords Woll cookware the unsurpassed cooking attributes of gravity cast, but with the lesser weight attributes of die-cast cookware.

Induction Technology:
Woll pioneered technology for seamlessly inserting a stainless steel induction plate into the aluminium base of its induction cookware. This technology means that that all induction pans can also be used on gas, electric and ceramic cooktops. As induction heats up cookware faster than more traditional energy sources, Woll has thickened the aluminium base on its induction cookware to 7.5mm.

Woll’s packaging features dramatic lifestyle imagery designed to make an impact in store. Each SKU has a dedicated image on the box for easy identification. The back of the box includes information about Woll’s hi-tech German manufacturing techniques. Each pan is supplied with a Use & Care and smoke point information sheet.