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Classic Clay Pot Cooking
This is a form of traditional cooking dating back to ancient Roman times has come back into vogue due to its healthy, low-fat cooking method and ease of use.

German brand Römertopf is the world leader in genuine clay cooking pots having sold more than 25 million products worldwide since its inception in 1967. The lidded pots are made in Germany from local clay and come in several sizes, the largest of which accommodates as much as 5kg of meat or poultry.

The simple yet very effective method behind the success of clay pot cooking is that the pot is initially soaked in water for 15 minutes before adding the raw ingredients – without any oil. The pot is placed in a cold oven – and then heated up to the required cooking temperature. Putting it in a hot oven would cause trauma to the cold pot and could crack it. The combination of the water in the clay and the heat of the oven creates steam within the pot, which in turn ensures the food cooks to perfection without losing any of its natural juices and moisture while retaining nutrients and flavours.

An additional benefit of this type of cooking is that the pot is very forgiving – it is difficult to either overcook the food or dry it out.

The obvious use for the Römertopf clay pot is to cook whole chickens and turkies perfectly – gone is the fear of the meat drying out –
or casserole or lasagne dishes where all the raw ingredients can be ‘thrown’ in together in the absolute minimum of preparation time.

Roasts and ribs are other popular dishes for the Römertopf – whereby accompanying vegetables can be added to the pot to cook in
the juices - as well as thick, hearty soups.

These vessels have such attractive, rustic finishes that they can be taken direct to the table for serving. By doing this, your meal will retain its heat for longer.

The Römertopf clay pot is suitable for use in both conventional and microwave ovens – and can even be washed in the dishwasher. The base of each pot has an inner glaze to make clean-up even easier.